Book Review – The Cartel by Don Winslow

Ok get this. I haven’t read Power of the Dog by Don Winslow, but I did read this book, the cartel. Oh my, I have never endured a very long book with a lot of fine print and deep plots with so many characters with such an interest in a very long time. Amazing book – it is 100 times better the Cartel on Netflix, better than any other Cartel documentary on any streaming or TV channel you would have seen or read.

I couldn’t believe that this book was fiction. It reeks of and reads like a tale that is so current, contemporary that you would think this is a newsreel of somethings that perhaps is happening right now in any country where drugs, mafia, killings and territorial wars are ongoing.

If you want to read about what NY Times or NPR or anyone else thought about this book, check out:



It is a magnum opus as NYT says, so very true. It is an epic, its gritty, its raw, rough and not for the meek hearted. Its tough and rugged just as primal as the humans involved in this sickening episode of drugs and money are. Rolling Stones calls it the game of thrones of the Mexican drug war, so very true. And I read this just as El Chapo was brought in and incarcerated in the USA. Another poignant reminder about how many innocent and criminal humans have perished and suffered in this trade… It’s very emotional and moving, yet so real…. well done Mr. Winslow. well done indeed.

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