Bing Ads Certification


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I got recertified as a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. Woo hoo! For those of you who are interested in knowing more about how search advertising works and for also getting certified as a Bing Ads professional, here are some very useful and interesting links.


[1] Bing Ads homepage

[2] Very Cool Bing Ads Accreditation Study Guide


Once you pass, you get a nice certificate and you can also proudly post it on your LinkedIn profile and/or your resume. Good Luck! Happy Reading.

Book Review -!aha aha! Gotcha Insight by Martin Gardner


Martin Gardner is a mathematician and has published books since 1935. His scientific American columns and mathematical games are all available somewhere. But this book is a classic -has 144 wonderful puzzles from the reigning king of recreational mathematics.

You will find puzzles ranging over geometry, logic, probability, statistics, number, time, combinatorics, and word play. Gardner calls these puzzles aha! problems, that ‘seem difficult, and indeed are difficult if you go about trying to solve them in traditional ways. But if you can free your mind from standard problem solving techniques, you may be receptive to an aha! reaction that leads immediately to a solution. Don’t be discouraged if, at first, you have difficulty with these problems. After a while you will begin to catch the spirit of offbeat, nonlinear thinking, and you may be surprised to find your aha! ability improving.’

Paradoxes are of 4 types

  1. an assertion that seems false but is actually true
  2. an assertion that seems true but is actually false
  3. a reasoning that seems impeccable but leads to logical contradiction (fallacy)
  4. an assertion whose truth or falsity indecidable

Greeks were the deep thinkers and who were bothered most with paradoxes. A classic one is this:


Epimenides is a Cretan. Epimenides said “All Cretans are liars.” Considering that he was a Cretan, did he speak truly?


“This sentence is false.”

Is it true? If so, it’s false. But if false, then it is true!

and so many interesting ones… grab them, enjoy them, share them.